Maddow: Trump’s Statement Was ‘Awkward’ — ‘Will Be Hard To Square’ With Refugee Policy [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Rachel Maddow criticized President Trump’s Thursday statement on the “targeted military strike” carried out on a Syrian airfield by the United States during a segment on MSNBC later that night.

“I thought that as a matter of political stage craft it was strange,” Maddow told Brian Williams. “Which is I suppose not to be — not that unusual given that he’s operating from this resort, and this was produced by White House staff, presumably in terms of feeding this out to us rather than this being the president speaking from a more typical location.”


“He has never done anything like this before. He is awkward on teleprompter. So as an artifact, as an audio visual artifact, this was very awkward.”

Maddow further added she thinks Trump’s “remarks about his sympathy for the Syrian people will be hard to square in the days ahead given his ban on Syrian refugees.”

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