His Friends Didn’t Believe He Was Run Over By A Deer — Until This Surveillance Video Surfaced

(Screen capture from Cary McCook/YouTube)

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Cary McCook, a 25-year-old Canadian man, had just been dropped off by a co-worker at a local inn when he was run over by something moving at a high rate of speed. It wasn’t a car, or even a snowmobile; it was a galloping deer.

McCook was bowled over, and the deer didn’t miss a stride.

McCook’s family and friends did not believe him when he told them he’d been run over by a deer, CBC Radio reports. It didn’t help that the run-in happened on April Fool’s Day. Then video footage from the inn surfaced showing the encounter.


Since the run-in, McCook has been called a lot of names, among them, “deer whisperer” and “dances with deer.”

“It is an unfortunate situation. I’m glad I’m OK and everything. But that’s the thing, I’m perfectly fine. So just to break that situation and put it into a positive one where everyone just has a good laugh about it — now that’s the dream. The deer is OK. I’m OK. All of us are good,” McCook told CBC.