American Totalitarianism Wears A Black Mask

REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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It is no surprise that Berkeley, California has become the scene of another significant battle in the culture war which has erupted across America in recent months. Berkeley is a bastion of the American neo-Marxist left and is at the heart of their 60’s mythology. Last weekend though, for the first time in living memory, the totalitarian American left was defeated on their home turf.

The motley assortment of anti-leftists who came to Berkeley to attend a free speech event organized by independent journalist Lauren Southern were able to push Antifa back despite the actions of the Berkeley Police Department. According to Southern, the Berkeley police disarmed the free speech marchers while allowing the black-clad Antifa domestic terrorists to use M-80 explosives, pepper spray and teargas. As soon as Antifa became violent, the Berkeley police stood down and retreated away from the melee, leaving the free speech marchers dangerously exposed.

The plan went awry, however, when Antifa forgot to check the direction of the wind before throwing their teargas canisters. In what followed Antifa looked less like a revolutionary vanguard than a rabble of disabled ninjas.

In Southern’s account of the violence that ensued, Antifa attempted to put plastic bags over people’s heads, bashed people with skateboards, threw bricks and were dragging individual marchers behind their ranks to try to beat them with impunity. Despite such dastardly tactics, the masked thugs of Antifa were pushed back by their stronger and tougher opponents.

The American right, and particularly young white men, have finally discovered identity politics. For 50 years, white American conservatives have refused to adopt the identity politics which the left has used with such effect to transform America. That time is now over. Now that young white men are punching back, politics in America will never be the same again.

Antifa describe themselves as anarchists. They are not. They love state power, as long as it is used to advance a neo-Marxist agenda. They’re Marxists. Berkeley was the epicenter of the New Left student uprisings of the late 60’s, and Antifa are the ideological grandchildren of their Boomer forebears. The difference today, however, is that the incoherent but largely peaceful idealism of the 60’s has given way to a violent and tyrannical totalitarianism which now dominates American campus life.

The Western Marxists who control America’s universities, colleges, schools and, by extension, America’s ruling establishment, have become tyrants as their ideas have failed to achieve the utopia they had so hoped for. Affirmative action has done nothing to help black Americans, third-wave feminism has only made women miserable and there is now a groundswell movement across America against the tyranny of political correctness. The New Left hippies believed they were ushering in a new age and that humanity would be forever transformed by their enlightened Frankfurt School teachings. That has turned out to be a lie. Today the American left are not only losing control. They are losing their religion.

As everyday Americans have demonstrated with the election of President Trump, we want nothing to do with the morbid anti-family, anti-white, anti-male agenda that the American left represents. We happen to like America, and we are tired of those who hate it.

Historically, what unites the left is its rejection of reality. Since the French Revolution, the left has always resorted to political violence once the impossibility of their utopian ideals becomes obvious. This is why the left cannot debate or defend their ideas anymore. They can only, as one Hollywood virtue-signaler put it, ‘punch some people in the face‘.

This time Antifa got punched in the face. The Soros-funded paramilitary wannabes who have disrupted Trump rallies, shut down cities and beaten up supporters of the president have been exposed as typical totalitarian cowards once they face a real opponent. They’ve finally met white guys who will punch back.

White men are not supposed to play identity politics. Black Americans can hold rallies, make political demands and have entire college departments devoted to spreading narratives of historical grievance which are then used as political leverage, but it has been forbidden for whites to even discuss the unparalleled achievements of European peoples. Gender Studies departments scour the historical record for female accomplishments, yet to point out that men built civilization would be career suicide.

Young white men today are told ceaselessly that they are privileged, yet they feel keenly their loss of status relative to their grandfathers’ time. In that time, a man with little education could get a decent enough job that he could buy a house, own a car, provide for his wife and children and still have a little left over for leisure. Those men also could do so without taking on crushing debt loads. This is impossible for white millennial men in America today.

Today’s young white man is living in an economy hollowed out by neoliberalism, paying taxes to fund a military-industrial complex engineered to advance neoconservatism and being demographically replaced at the same time through open-borders globalism. He is a spectator to his own demise, watching from the stands as the land his forefathers fought to build and defend is handed to foreigners who care nothing for it by an elite who care nothing for him.

Now though at last he’s discovered a face he can punch. It wears a black mask.