Joy Behar Slams First Lady: ‘Where’s Melania Going To Go If We Don’t Have Any Sanctuary Cities’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar slammed first lady Melania Trump as an illegal immigrant Wednesday when she said without sanctuary cities, “where’s Melania going to go.”

“The View” co-host made the disparaging comment about the first lady during a panel discussion about part of President Donald Trump’s executive order that would withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities that was blocked by a federal judge.  (RELATED: Joy Behar Compares Trump To A ‘Dictator’)


Whoopi Goldberg argued that there was already laws on the books that allows law enforcement to round up illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

“I do believe that people…when the laws are in place, if there’s a criminal there’s nothing saying that New York can’t take care of that,” Goldberg explained. “As I said the other day [Barack] Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any president.”  (RELATED: Joy Behar: Trump ‘Needs To Be Taken Out Of Office’)

“It’s sort of like the underground railroad, in a way it reminds me of,” Behar responded. “Or the people in Germany who took in the Jews. There are people who are really in trouble who are going to be separated from their children.”

“And, anyways,” she added. “Where’s Melania going to go if we don’t have any sanctuary cities?”