Freedom Caucus Concessions Might Not Be Enough To Get Healthcare Bill Passed

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Moderate Republicans could be the reason that the latest iteration of Trump’s healthcare plan fails in the House of Representatives.

Republicans in the House of Representatives made key concessions in the new health care law to gain the support of the House Freedom Caucus (HFC), but a Thursday analysis from statistics site 538 revealed those concessions might not be enough to get the bill passed. Most reports focused on the HFC’s role in the failure of the March health care plan. However, moderate Republican representatives were also responsible for the bill failing before it came to a vote in the House, according to 538.

“The AHCA didn’t fail in March solely because of Freedom Caucus opposition,” Harry Enten writes. “Instead, two groups of Republicans were most likely to oppose the AHCA: moderate GOP representatives and anti-establishment GOP representatives.”

Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Charlie Dent asserted that moderate members of Congress still don’t approve of the health care law, adding that additional moderates who supported the original law could withdraw their support after the inclusion of the new language.

The analysis asserted that even with the full support of the Freedom Caucus, the bill would have to gain the support of 15 moderate Republicans who planned to vote down the previous healthcare bill in March, something Enten sees as unlikely.

The recently introduced MacAurther amendment included language that would allow states to waive essential health benefits, as well as mandate a “default approval” that would automatically approve waiver requests if the Department of Health and Human Services doesn’t expressly reject it within a sixty-day window.

The additional language in the health care bill won the approval of House Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows Wednesday.

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