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Joss Whedon Almost Apologizes For Mocking Teen Girls Who Beat Cancer

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Baldy the Vodka Slayer strikes again! Why is it that the loudest woke feminist dudes always end up being the most utterly misogynist creeps?

Chuck Ross reports:

Liberal Hollywood director Joss Whedon made a sexist pedophilia joke on Thursday about a group of teenage cancer survivors who met with House Speaker Paul Ryan…

The 52-year-old director, who gave $1 million to a super PAC he founded to help elect Hillary Clinton president, published the tweet a couple of hours after Ryan published his own photo of the event.

Here’s Speaker Ryan’s original tweet:

And here’s what Whedon did to it (since deleted):

Note that Whedon didn’t put this in a retweet, because then his followers would be able to read the original. They’d see him crapping on teenage girls who’ve survived childhood cancer. No, he downloaded the image from that tweet, after dismissing what it said, and then he twisted it around to his own sick premise. He projected his own overpowering hatred onto it. If those kids didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire, they shouldn’t have breathed the same air as a Republican.

Joss has since apologized, sort of:

“I’m sorry you were offended.” No acknowledgment of error in judgment. No apology to those young women. Just: “Whoops, I pissed off BuzzFeed.”

Besides which, he’s wrong about the “except” part. If he was trying to offend Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and their voters, it’s safe to say he succeeded.

Whedon is the go-to guy in Hollywood for feminist superheroes. He’s even writing and directing an upcoming Batgirl movie, which is sure to be a box-office smash because America just can’t get enough Batgirl. But all his purported respect for women goes out the window if they remind him that his team lost on Nov. 8:


Well, at least this time Whedon didn’t fantasize about Paul Ryan being raped to death by a rhino’s horn. Baby steps.