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YouTube Child-Abusers Double Down On National TV

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I’d kinda hoped Mike and Heather Martin, AKA YouTube child-abusers DaddyOFive and MommyOFive, would go away. No such luck.

Good Morning America:

Wow. So as it turns out, little 9-year-old Cody Martin is the greatest actor who ever lived. He was just pretending to scream and cry in anguish as his own parents pretended to torment him mentally, emotionally, and physically for YouTube click-bucks. The whole time, the real prank was on us!

Bullshit. These two monsters exploited their own children for Internet fame and money, and now they have no choice but to spurt tears on national TV and beg everyone to leave them alone. They’re painting themselves as the real victims, just like abusers always do.

They’ve hired a PR firm to navigate them through this minefield. I think they chose poorly. They’re just digging the hole even deeper. They’re not convincing liars. The smart move would be to lay low until this blows over. But then, they’re not very smart. That’s why they hate Cody, who is.

I feel bad for all those kids, even the ones who’ve been turned against the two youngest and weakest. None of them know any better. They’ve been raised by wolves. (All due apologies to actual wolves.) They need to be taken out of that home before they’re damaged any further.

But don’t take my word for it. All of DaddyOFive’s videos are archived here. Judge for yourself. See if you can buy Mike and Heather Martin’s excuses for what they did.

A guy named Nick Monroe has been doing a lot of good work on this story. He’s got a lot more.