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Pro-Abortion Purdue Prof Says Fetal Images Are ‘Child Pornography’

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Ah, another heartwarming story from my home state. #HoosierPride

Anthony Gockowski, Campus Reform:

A pro-choice professor accused pro-life organizations of “child pornography” for using images of dead fetuses as a rhetorical device during a debate at Purdue University.

At an April 24 debate hosted by the Boilermakers for Life student organization, David Sanders, an associate professor of Biology at Purdue, accused his interlocutor of “child pornography” for showing “images of fetuses” when defending his pro-life views.

Because they’re naked, you see. He’s really thought this through.

Well, except for one thing. The esteemed professor accidentally made a huge concession to his opponents there. Did he say “fetus pornography”? Did he say “clump-of-cells pornography”? No. He said “child pornography.” An abortion enthusiast just conceded the argument. It’s not a choice, it’s a child.

Way to go, Professor Sanders. The good news is that you just ran the ball 99 yards for a touchdown. The bad news is that it was for the other team.

Jim Treacher