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You’ll Never Guess Who Keith Olbermann Blames For His Dormant TV Career (Unless You Guessed Trump)

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Keith Olbermann isn’t on TV anymore, and pretty much everybody seems to be okay with that except Keith Olbermann. Nonetheless, the NYT just dropped 3,500 words about him for some reason. The profile is mostly boring, just like Keith, but there’s at least one fun bit of news.

Greg Howard, New York Times Magazine:

Olbermann told me he talked to MSNBC for over a year about rejoining the network, but they asked him for a show with no commentary; he didn’t see the point. (An MSNBC source familiar with the situation confirms that there were talks, but says they fell through for a variety of reasons.) Olbermann also told me he had negotiated with CNN: “There was an offer, then there wasn’t an offer, then there was an offer. And Trump didn’t like me, and apparently exerted influence on that.” (A CNN spokeswoman says there were brief preliminary conversations about Olbermann joining its HLN spinoff, not the flagship channel, and that they took place well over a year ago, without any involvement from Trump.)

It could be that Trump really does have that sort of influence at CNN, although that seems weird. More likely, CNN didn’t want to go back into business with Keith Olbermann because he’s Keith Olbermann. Putting him on TV never works out for anybody involved.

In the meantime, I assume Keith will keep doing his little podcast behind an Ikea table somewhere. It gives him something to do with his time while he waits for his next big break. He’s like Rupert Pupkin, except funnier.

By the way, did you know that Tucker Carlson’s ratings on Fox News are really great? Apropos of nothing.

(Hat tip: Alex Griswold)