Massive Plunge In Border Apprehensions Continues

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Apprehensions of illegal immigrants along the southwest border dropped 75 percent between October and April, according to government statistics released Tuesday.

Border apprehensions are the most accurate means the government has of tracking how many illegal immigrants are crossing the Mexican border. The Department of Homeland Security also released figures on illegal immigrants who tried entering through ports of entry, this includes individuals who are seeking humanitarian asylum.

In October, there were 20,529 people who were deemed inadmissible at these entry points and this number plunged to 4,651 in April. There were a combined 15,780 illegal immigrants either apprehended or found inadmissible in April, a 67 percent decrease from the 48,502 in the same month last year.

President Trump has signed multiple executive orders directing officials to be more aggressively enforce immigration law. It has also been reported that immigrants south of the border are fearful of the Trump administration and less likely to cross into the U.S. (RELATED: Mexican Smugglers Are Charging Up To Six Times More In The Trump Era)