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Los Angeles School Board: Immigration Laws Don’t Apply To Us

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“Brexit” has always seemed awkward to me. Not the fact of Britain leaving the European Union, which is fine, but the term itself. Britain + exit = “Brexit,” yeah, I get it. But it just sounds dumb. And using “Calexit” for California seceding from the U.S. is even worse, especially when a perfectly good “Califarewell” is sitting right there.

Anyway, California isn’t even waiting to secede. Those guys already think they don’t need to obey the same laws as the rest of us. Howard Blume, LA Times:

The Los Angeles school board on Tuesday unanimously approved a set of policies that board members said would provide families with a higher level of protection from federal immigration raids.

Among the safeguards in the sweeping set of guidelines: No immigration officers will be allowed on campus without clearance from the superintendent of schools, who will consult with district lawyers. Until that happens, they won’t be let in, even if they arrive with a legally valid subpoena.

Wow, I didn’t know you could do that. Just declare yourself above the law like that. Cool!

It’s weird that our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters want to pass laws against everything they don’t like, and yet they’re always fighting the enforcement of existing laws they don’t like. It’s almost as if the only important thing is their feelings.


So, what’s to stop illegal immigrants from fleeing to the nearest public school to avoid ICE? It’s not American soil, apparently. Move over, kids, there’s a war on.

(Hat tip: Jazz Shaw)