NO BOYS ALLOWED: Taxpayer-Funded Michigan High School Holds Special Prom For Muslim Girls

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Female Muslim students at Hamtramck High School, a public high school six miles north of Detroit, held their annual girls-only prom last weekend.

The yearly gala for Muslim girls — a tradition since 2012 — is called “Princess Prom,” according to MLive.

It’s intended to be a safe space for Muslim girls who must adhere to strict religious practices which include wearing hijabs in public and which prevent attending co-ed dances.

A taxpayer-funded school counselor, Caitlin Drinkard, spends her time helping students organize the Muslim prom.

Girls who attend the Princess Prom wear fancy gowns and high heels. They get dolled up with hairdos and makeup.

In addition to dance music and food, this year’s male-free high school dance featured henna tattoos and a free photo booth sponsored by General Motors.

All the girls who attended the Princess Prom also received swag bags filled with Mary Kay eye shadow, SexyHair shampoo and other items.

These swag bag items were donated by large beauty supply brands.

Drinkard, the helpful school counselor, described the prom which outlaws males as empowering.

“The girls work through the year to do fundraising,” she told MLive. “They sold walking tacos, T-shirts, flowers on Valentine’s Day.”

“We run it like an after-school club,” Drinkard also said.

“I’ve gained a lot of business management skills,” Aisha Khanum, a senior at Hamtramck High School, told MLive.

The total cost for staging this year’s Princess Prom — renting and decorating the venue, paying the deejay, etc. — was approximately $2,000.

The organizers of the Princess Prom raised about $1,400 using a GoFundMe page.

“Many girls in our community are not allowed to attend the traditional co-ed prom for various cultural and religious reasons,” the GoFundMe page says.

“On this special night, the girls can let their hair down (literally and figuratively), are free to dress as they like, and have the freedom to dance the night away in a safe & comfortable environment. They are able to participate in this All-American rite of passage and celebrate the beauty of a supportive, inclusive sisterhood.” (RELATED: Michigan Doc Charged With Female Genital Mutilation Of Girls As Young As 6)

The organizers of the Princess Prom ban mobile phones from the annual event to avoid the risk of having a photo of any attendees — in a prom dress and without a hijab — appear on social media.

There’s a special place at the prom reserved for making calls.

Any female student can attend the Princess Prom.

Attendees are allowed to bring a female guest to the event.

Hamtramck High School also has a co-ed prom.

Approximately 250 girls were expected to show up at this year’s Hamtramck High School Princess Prom. Some 230 girls showed up last year.

The Hamtramck Princess Prom began in 2012. Five female Muslim students organized it.

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