MSNBC Uses Clinton Aides To Talk Security Breaches [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC unironically brought on former Clinton campaign staffers Jennifer Palmieri and Robby Mook Tuesday to discuss President Trump’s handling of classified information.

MSNBC framed the conversations around Trump criticizing Hillary Clinton for putting classified information at risk with her private email server. The intention was clearly to make Trump look hypocritical because this week it was reported that he incidentally gave classified information to Russians.

However, MSNBC clearly didn’t realize that Palmieri and Mook couldn’t talk about the potential security breach without sounding hypocritical themselves.

“Well [Trump] is right, we can’t afford to have someone in the Oval Office that doesn’t understand the value and sensitivity of classified information,” Palmieri told Andrea Mitchell.

“Look, there’s no news in this…guess what, Donald Trump contradicted himself,” Mook said to Stephanie Ruhle. “We can spend all day trying to figure out what did the spokesperson say versus what Donald Trump said–I think the spotlight right now needs to be on the Congress.”

“They’re the one set of people who can step in and do something about this,” Mook said.


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