Sally Yates Denies Leaking Classified Information To The Washington Post

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

Sally Yates denied that she has ever leaked classified information to the press.

Donald Trump recently implied that Yates — the Obama administration holdover who was the acting attorney general for just 10 days of his administration before she was fired for refusing to uphold his travel ban — leaked information about former national security adviser Michael Flynn to the Washington Post.

In her first television interview since testifying before a Senate subcommittee about her discussions with the White House regarding Flynn, Yates denied ever being the source. (RELATED: Yates Told The White House Mike Flynn ‘Could Be Blackmailed’ By The Russians)

“Did you leak to the Washington Post?” Anderson Cooper asked her.

“Absolutely not,” Yates answered. “Absolutely not. I did not, and I would not, leak classified information.”

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