Sally Yates Denies Leaking Classified Information To The Washington Post

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

Sally Yates denied that she has ever leaked classified information to the press.

Donald Trump recently implied that Yates — the Obama administration holdover who was the acting attorney general for just 10 days of his administration before she was fired for refusing to uphold his travel ban — leaked information about former national security adviser Michael Flynn to the Washington Post.

In her first television interview since testifying before a Senate subcommittee about her discussions with the White House regarding Flynn, Yates denied ever being the source. (RELATED: Yates Told The White House Mike Flynn ‘Could Be Blackmailed’ By The Russians)

“Did you leak to the Washington Post?” Anderson Cooper asked her.

“Absolutely not,” Yates answered. “Absolutely not. I did not, and I would not, leak classified information.”