George Bush: I Might Not Have Been President If Not For Ailes

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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George H. W. Bush dusted off his keyboard Thursday to memorialize Roger Ailes and said he wasn’t sure if he would have ever been president if not for the former Fox News chief.

Acknowledging the many sexual harassment scandals that led to Ailes’ downfall from the head of Fox News and plagued his final days, Bush wrote, “He wasn’t perfect.”

But then Bush went on to give him some of the highest praise.

“Roger Ailes was my friend & I loved him,” the former president continued.

“Not sure I would have been president w/0 his great talent, loyal help. RIP.”

Bush’s claim doesn’t seem all that odd when we consider that several members of the media credited Ailes with “tilling the ground” for Donald Trump to become a viable political figure. (VIDEO: Pundits: Roger Ailes Responsible For Trump)

As one CNN contributor said, “You wouldn’t have Donald Trump without Roger Ailes.”

Perhaps the same applies to George H. W. Bush.

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