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Former College Prof Arrested For Antifa Bike-Lock Attacks In Berkeley

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I don’t like political violence, no matter who’s doing it or who’s the victim. It’s wrong. I’m always glad when the perpetrators are brought to justice, and in this particular case, I’m glad these “antifa” guys are being exposed for the fascists they are.

Ian Miles Cheong, Heat Street:

Berkeley police have arrested a former Diablo Valley College professor for committing an assault during the protests that took place this April…

East Bay Times reports that 28-year-old Eric Clanton was arrested Wednesday evening in Oakland and is currently being held on a $200,000 bail in Berkeley City Jail. He was arrested on suspicion of three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, including a U-lock bike lock, a weapon he is alleged to have used to seriously injure three people at the protest.

Here’s the video of one of the attacks. The assault happens about 15 seconds in. Look for the kid in the red t-shirt in the foreground, and the guys in the black hoodies, black masks, and sunglasses. WARNING: Violence, strong language, and protesters so filthy you can almost smell them through the screen.

These “Black Bloc” cowards wear masks because they think they’ll get away with this kind of violence. I’m glad that for once, they didn’t. I hope more police departments start cracking down on guys in masks at political protests. If you’re not planning to do anything wrong, there’s no reason to hide your face.

And now here’s the punchline, courtesy of Cheong:

Employee records for Diablo Valley College show that Clanton, who earned a bachelor’s degree at California State University, Bakersfield and a master’s in philosophy at San Francisco State, worked at the college since 2015 teaching introductory classes on philosophy, ethics, and critical thinking.

Philosophy, ethics, and critical thinking? After this little field trip, the professor gets an F.