ALTERNATE REALITY: 58 Percent Of Dems Think Russia Rigged Vote Count To Get Trump Elected

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A majority of Democratic voters think Russia literally rigged the vote in the 2016 presidential election — an outlandish conspiracy theory with no evidence to support it.

The latest Economist/YouGov poll found 58 percent of Democrats saying that it is “probably true” or “definitely true” that “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President.”

That number is up six points from December when 52 percent of Democrats said they thought Russia tampered with vote tallies.

Democrats have increasingly accepted conspiracy theories to justify their attacks on Trump and undermine his legitimacy as president. (RELATED: Dem Congressman Floats A Conspiracy Theory On Live TV, Offers No Evidence [VIDEO])

Earlier this month, an aide to Sen. Ed Markey confirmed to The Daily Caller that the Massachusetts Democrat relies on unreliable conspiracy blogs as sources for information on alleged Trump-Russia connections.

One of Markey’s sources is Louise Mensch, a former British Member of Parliament who has become a popular figure in the Trump “resistance” because of her obsession with finding a connection between the president and Russia.

Mensch has blamed Russia for everything from Andrew Breitbart’s death to the anti-police riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Nevertheless, some prominent liberals have had no problem using Mensch as a source to attack Trump. (RELATED: Liberals Turn To Never Trump Conspiracy Theorist To Push Trump-Russia Narrative)

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