WATCH: Rapper Rushes The Stage And Knocks Another Rapper OUT COLD

(Photo credit: Twitter)

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A rapper that goes by the name of XXXTentacion was performing a show in San Diego Wednesday night when another man, believed to be rapper Rob $tone, rushed the stage and knocked him out cold.

Neither of the rappers are all that well known, but this absurd series of events and the brawl that ensued on stage might put them on the map.

XXX was standing at center stage in the middle of a song when $tone came out of nowhere and clocked him in the face, sending him straight to the floor. Security immediately rushed to the rapper’s defense contributing to the all-out brawl that took place onstage in front of the whole crowd.

Someone was stabbed during the fight and XXX was carried offstage and remained unconscious for at least two minutes, according to TMZ.

XXX and his team believe his attacker was hiding backstage and the rapper claimed in a video after the altercation that the attack was set up by the venue.

No arrests were made following the heated incident. The police are reportedly seeking a statement from XXX.

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