CNN Panel: Bashing Comey Won’t Help Trump Because Mueller And Comey Are Friends [VIDEO]

Hrand Tookman Contributor
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Monday on CNN, host John King suggested that Bob Mueller’s relationship with James Comey could pose a problem for President Trump if he continues to attack the former FBI director.

Discussing team Trump’s response to the Comey hearing, King noted that “Bob Mueller, the special prosecutor, is a very close friend of James Comey. I don’t think trashing James Comey, especially if you’re trashing him in ways that are demonstrably false, is going to help your legal case.”


King’s could be implying that Mueller lacks the ability to separate his personal friendship with Comey from his professional obligation to the legal matter, a point The Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich seemed more than ready to agree with.

“You’re already seeing people affiliated with Trump start to trash Bob Mueller,” she added. “So this is part of maybe a couple step strategy that makes this looks like a partisan attack.”

“No one on the Hill, very few people on the Hill, are going to buy into that.”