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Teen Vogue Categorizes ‘The March Against Sharia’ As Hate Speech

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Teen Vogue writers declared Saturday’s “March Against Sharia” as a form of “hate speech,” despite the protestors’ obvious criticism of one of the most oppressive forms of religious governance.

The March Against Sharia protests, sponsored by ACT for America, were aimed at revealing the significant human rights violations supported under Sharia Law. However, Asma Uddin and Firdaus Arastu, writing for Teen Vogue, viewed them as forms of ignorance in understanding the true practice of Islam.

“For example, on the question of sharia — the topic of Saturday’s marches — there is wide space for people to learn more about what sharia is,” Uddin and Arastu wrote. “For many Americans, it sounds scary — we hear tales of a system where hands are chopped off and adulterers are stoned. But this is not the sharia of America.”

“Sharia is a set of legal rules that deal with a range of issues from the minutia of washing hands and feet to purify oneself before prayer to inheritance rules. It’s also about spirituality,” Uddin and Arastu added.

The “March Against Sharia” according to the Teen Vogue writers, supports, “instances of hateful speech as a free speech issue.”

Despite Uddin and Arastu’s claims, however, violent examples of sharia law are still common around the world. An Islamic bookstore in Sydney just came under attack Sunday for advocating that Muslims kill gays and ex-Muslims under sharia law. “If you find someone who is committing an act of the commitment of lut [homosexuality] kill the one on top and the one below,” one of the bookstore’s publications read.

While Teen Vogue has traditionally focused on covering celebrities and pop icons like Justin Bieber and One Direction, it has clearly taken a more political role following the loss of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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