Watch Chuck Todd Ask Bernie Sanders Zero Questions About Being Under FBI Investigation [VIDEO]

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Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s “Meet The Press,” had seven minutes on Sunday to grill Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders about being the subject of an FBI investigation but let Sanders off the hook entirely.

Todd asked Sanders about his rhetoric, about the Republican health care bill and about the struggling Democratic party, but he did not ask the socialist senator once about the investigation into himself and his wife.

CBS News reported on Saturday that both Sanders and his wife are the subject of an FBI investigation in relation to bank fraud that Jane Sanders allegedly committed as the president of Burlington College. Politico reported that the FBI is looking into allegations that Sen. Sanders’ office pressured a bank to approve a loan for the now defunct college that Jane is said to have obtained by lying on the loan application about the college’s funding. Both Bernie and Jane Sanders have hired prominent defense attorneys related to the investigation.

Todd was expected to press Sanders about the investigation during the Sunday interview. Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel noted the upcoming interview on Saturday, observing that “Sanders must have an answer ready to go on the FBI story.” But the question never came. (RELATED: Bernie Sanders’ Wife Lawyers Up Amid FBI Probe Of Alleged Fraud)

Instead, Todd asked Sanders questions like, “Why do you think Democrats lost that special election in Georgia last week?” and “are you open to some sort of bipartisan compromise [on the health care bill]?”