Kurdish Sniper Smiles After Dodging Death [VIDEO]

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A Kurdish sniper narrowly escaped with her life after a bullet whizzed past her head and struck the wall behind her.

Video of the incident began making its way round the Internet late Tuesday.

The female sniper, dressed in a military uniform, was shooting from cover with what appears to be a Soviet produced Dragunov SVD rifle.

After firing a shot of her own, the bullet flies past her head and crashes into the wall she was standing up against, which was already peppered with bullet holes.

She immediately dropped down for more cover after dodging the bullet, and couldn’t help smiling after the close call that would have almost certainly ended her life. (SLIDESHOW: The Hottest Women Of The Israeli Defense Force)

The Kurdish soldier was accompanied by at least two others who can be heard speaking to her just after the bullet struck. Although we can’t make out what they’re saying, it’s likely one of them told her she’s lucky to be alive.