Celebrities Who Play Revolutionary War Heroes On Screen [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo credit should read HERB SWANSON/AFP/Getty Images)

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If the American Revolution never happened, The Declaration of Independence would cease to exist. The United States would not be The United States. So this war fought to free ourselves from the British is one to look back on with gratitude, because without the young men who chose to risk their lives, we would not be a country founded on the concept of freedom.

Over the years Hollywood directors have worked to portray the American Revolution on the big-screen because, let’s be real, it makes for a great patriotic action movie. No matter the level of historical accuracy, there are so many battles, and acts of heroism, that it leaves audience members in a state of awe and appreciation.

So here is a list of celebrities who played both real, and fictional, revolutionary war heroes in movies and TV shows made as early as the 1950’s, to as late as 2015.