Mo Brooks Threatens Government Shutdown If Senate Doesn’t Fund Trump’s Wall

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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Republican Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks is threatening to shut down the government in the U.S. Senate if they do not fund President Trump’s border wall.

He is one of the three major candidates in the race to succeed now-Attorney General Jess Sessions. On Monday, he released an aggressive ad in Alabama titled: “Build The Wall.”

The ad starts with a clip of President Trump’s speech in mid-2015 when he claimed that “when Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.”

“President Trump promised a wall to keep us safe and to protect American jobs for American works,” Brooks says afterwards.

The candidate continues by blaming the Republicans for blocking the way of the wall. If elected to the Senate, Brooks promises to fight every bill that does not fund the wall. “And if I have to filibuster on the Senate floor, I’ll even read the King James Bible until the wall is funded,” he says.

Brooks is a pro-Trump candidate who is facing off against both former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore and the appointed Republican Sen. Luther Strange.

A GOP source with inside knowledge of Alabama politics told Breitbart News that Strange is “like the Jeb Bush of this race. Nobody likes him. And while he’s got all this money and all these connections, nobody likes pro-establishment views. You can’t sell a product that consumers don’t like.”

Brooks was one of the many that were almost shot at the GOP congressional baseball game practice that hospitalized Steve Scalise, even though Brooks’ name was actually on the shooter’s hit list.

Brooks concludes his ad with a promise: “We’re going to build that wall, or you’ll know the name of every Republican who surrenders to the Democrats to break my filibuster. I give you my word, and I don’t give my word lightly.”

The primary race is on August 15, and then the top two finishers are expected to have a run-off in September.