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Michael Che Publicly Agrees With Trump, Then Panics And Deletes It

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I’ve liked Michael Che ever since I heard him tell this joke on late-night TV a few years ago:

“What kind of thoughtful racist finds out your favorite food and then threatens to make it for you? Sounds hospitable!”

Then Che became the co-anchor on Weekend Update. I haven’t really followed his work there because that would mean watching Saturday Night Live, but I was glad he got the job. I hate political correctness and identity politics and knee-jerk accusations of racism, so it’s nice to see somebody become successful by speaking out against all that nonsense.

This is the same reason I understand why Trump won, even if I couldn’t bring myself to vote for him. People are sick of this crap. They’re so sick of it that they elected Donald Trump. You would think that might set off alarm bells on the left, wouldn’t you? Maybe they’d realize how much they’re alienating everybody, and start trying to win them back?

Nope. Christian Toto writes:

Apparently, one topic might just be out of bounds for [Michael Che] – calling out our increasingly fake news media.

It’s what Che did recently via Chethinks, his official Instagram account.

The comedian, who once suggested Donald Trump was racist while the future president was hosting “SNL,” defended Trump’s “fake news” assault on mainstream media. And, in particular, his harsh comments about MSNBC’s Mike [sic] Brzezinski.

“Trump calling a news lady ‘dumb as rocks’ is f*cking funny,” wrote Che. “Look, Trump is not wrong about the media. They’re not good. They DO make sh*t up. They DO sensationalize bullsh*t for ratings and profit.”

Then people noticed Che wrote that. Then Che deleted it.

Part of growing up is realizing that a thing can be true even if it’s coming from somebody you don’t like. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Admitting that somebody has a point doesn’t put you in league with them. It just means you’re capable of intellectual honesty.

Just kidding! It’s Team Red vs. Team Blue. Pick a side or you’re a traitor. Fight, fight, fight. Yay, team.

Jim Treacher