Shoutout To Bret Bielema For Becoming A Dad – Shoutout To Myself For Whatever Role I Played

Bret Bielema (Credit: Getty Images/Wesley Hitt)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema and his wife Jen had a child over the weekend.

Now, I know what some people will say. This is a few days old, but the world and the situations we find ourself in our often fluid instead of static.

I had been planning a little get-away with some coworkers up north for a few weeks, and early Saturday we arrived at our destinations. The weather was hot, the beer was cold, the cell phone service was weak, the scenery was beautiful, the food was delicious and a great time was had by everybody in attendance. I had switched my brain off work mode and fully into vacation mode.

So, you all can imagine my shock and surprise as I fire weapons off in one of the most isolated parts of America when I learned that my arch-nemesis Bielema and his smoke show wife had given birth to a daughter.

Did I want to spend my vacation with my beloved coworkers worried about what Bret “I can’t manage the clock to save my life” Bielema was up to down in Fayetteville, Arkansas? Of course not, but we don’t choose all of our fights. (RELATED: Let’s Set The Record Straight On My Feud With Bret And Jen Bielema)

Was this their strategy all along? Wait until I was deep in the forest, half a case of Miller Lite deep and nowhere near a computer or the internet to have their daughter so that I couldn’t respond? If so, then that is the smartest thing Bielema has ever done since he brought Russell Wilson to Wisconsin.

Now, the haters and losers will say that I’m not happy for the Bielemas. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, Bielema has been one of the biggest losers in the sports for several years now, despite the fact he’s paid like a king. Secondly, and more important, all great rivalries and feuds are at their best when both sides are at their strongest. I want Bielema to be the best he can be, and if having a child is going get him back to the top then I’m all for it. (RELATED: Bret Bielema Ranked As The 27th Best College Football Coach Is A Joke)

It’s also important to note that the point of conception of the child off of the basic timeline would be the middle to late September. For those who have forgotten, and you’d have to be living under a rock for that to happen, this was only days after one of the biggest feuds in the history of sports began. I didn’t realize when I fired the metaphorical bullet back then it would lead to what has happened between us the past nine months. Two titans of their respective fields in a war that could wipe out all bystanders. It’s what college football has needed for years.

I’m not explicitly saying our feud led to anything past the feud. I’ll allow the audience to examine the evidence and decide for themselves. All I’m saying is that any reasonable person can look at the time, the situation and the effect that can have on people, then come to their own conclusions.

Good for Bielema and his wife. Some will say I don’t mean it, but I truly do. When you fight an enemy long enough and hard enough you at least learn to respect the battle at the end of the day. We’ll fight again. After all, football season is right around the corner, and any fan or casual observer who thinks this is over just because Bielema had a kid and will likely be fired soon is sorely mistaken.

P.S.: Do I now need to have a child of my own? Everybody knows that the best feuds are over several generations. I have so much to consider these days. Being a hero sure isn’t easy.

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