CNN Anchor Surrenders To ‘Mean’ Twitter Trolls, Deletes Account


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CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota deleted her Twitter account because of “mean and verbally abusive” online trolls, she announced in a column Wednesday morning.

Camerota, who co-hosts CNN’s “New Day” morning show with Chris Cuomo, framed her decision as “breaking up” with Twitter, in a first-person letter addressed to the social network. (RELATED: Producer For CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Kellyanne Conway ‘Looks Like She Got Hit With A Shovel’)

When she first created an account in 2009, Camerota said, Twitter would “surprise me with flower emojis and thoughtful comments. Back then, it was still thrilling to check in with you every day to see how many new followers you’d brought me. Those were the days.”

“But something’s happened to you. You’re a shadow of your former self, the one I was first attracted to. It’s no fun to be with you anymore. You’ve become mean and verbally abusive. In fact, you gross me out,” she continued. “You’re a cesspool of spleen-venting from people who think it’s acceptable to insult other people in public and anonymously.”

Camerota previously expressed her amazement that CNN was able to track down the identity of an anonymous Reddit user who made anti-Semitic posts online about CNN employees. The Reddit user, HanAssholeSolo, drew CNN’s attention by creating a meme of President Trump body-slamming the CNN logo, a version of which was later shared online by the president.

Several prominent CNN employees, including Cuomo, were in favor of identifying the private Reddit user, who later apologized after being contacted by CNN. The network’s story about the Reddit user included a line indicating that CNN would publicly identify him if he resumed making offensive posts.  (RELATED: ‘Extremely Unethical’ — CNN Draws Backlash After Threatening To ID Reddit User Behind Trump’s WWE Video)

Some CNN employees had their personal information leaked following public outrage about the network’s apparent threat to the Reddit user.

Camerota made clear in her column that she would rather quit Twitter than endure further online harassment.

“I don’t like thinking of people using you, typing away with nothing but a keyboard and a chip on their shoulder, but that’s the company you’re keeping. You’re hanging out with people who find satisfaction spewing vitriol, people who spread racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism,” she wrote.

“Perhaps it’s worse than I know. Maybe you’re struggling with addiction: addiction to outrage. It’s a powerful drug. I wish I could help you kick it. I feel its pull sometimes too. But I don’t want to be sucked in. All I can do is save myself from the bitter dark places where you like to dwell.”

Camerota left open the possibility that she would return to the platform if Twitter became “more thoughtful,” but added that she’s “not hopeful.”

“Until then, I’m logging off, killing my account,” she said. “And know this — I won’t miss you for a second.”