Conspiracy Or Desperation: You Decide


John Linder Former Congressman
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I am too old to believe in conspiracies. I’ve seen too many fail. So I don’t see a conspiracy in the relentless assault on President Trump. I see very deep desperation. President Trump is an existential threat to the gravy train carefully constructed by the establishment and they are trying to destroy him.

President Trump doesn’t fit in. He’s an outsider. He owes the establishment absolutely nothing and it scares the hell out of them. He was elected to “blow it all up.” He is already deconstructing the administrative state. Fifty years of hard work will be for naught.

The bureaucracy has always been able to withstand a new president. He’s the “summer help.” When he leaves they’ll still be there. But Trump threatens to leave lasting damage and they are desperate.

Our intelligence community ought to be particularly concerned since they’ve proven to be corrupt. They have leaked to the press a secret a day since President Trump was inaugurated. Even former FBI Director Jim Comey shared classified information with a friend to shore up his side of the dispute regarding his firing.

Perhaps it’s time for another total restructuring of our intelligence community as was done after World War II. President Trump has nothing to lose.

And now the media admits that in their effort to destroy President Trump they lied. We have been told, ad nauseam, that all 17 intelligence agencies agree that Russia “hacked the election.” It was a lie from the start. How much time do you think the Drug Enforcement Administration Office of National Security Intelligence spent on this matter? I’ll tell you. None. Former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper has testified that only selected personnel from three agencies even looked at it.

And none of them examined the DNC server that is the centerpiece of the hacking charge. The DNC continues to refuse access to its server so our intelligence agencies took the word of a private company hired by the DNC. And the media has accepted that. Doesn’t that sound unusual?

In the last week both the NYT and AP have admitted, in very modest corrections, that all 17 agencies did not take a position on whether the Russians hacked the election. Despite that, both CNN and NBC have repeated the lie.

Russia may or may not have hacked the DNC computers and released the information to WikiLeaks, but they didn’t hack the election. That lie has been repeated so often that a recent poll showed that more than half of the Democrats in our country believe that Russian agents altered the results on voting machines.

Today we are on to a new Russian connection. Donald Trump, Jr. met with a Russian to get dirt on the Clinton campaign. This is getting a more coverage than the attempted assassination of Steve Scalise.

Having been involved in campaigns for 45 years let me tell you a little secret. One hundred percent of all campaigns get offers of dirt on their opponent. One hundred percent of them try to get the information. Ninety nine percent are bogus, but none are illegal.

It was not illegal for the Clinton campaign to “collude” with foreigner Alicia Machado to plan an attack on Trump over his supposed treatment of her at a Miss Universe contest. It wasn’t even illegal for the media to “collude” with the Clinton campaign and prepare thoroughly researched front-page stories to be released the day after Mrs. Clinton made the charge.

Nor was it illegal for Clinton campaign operatives to meet with Ukraine government officials in March of 2016 to get dirt on Trump. That was in the one percent. That information resulted in the forced retirement of Trump’s campaign manager.

This is politics, folks. You look for advantage.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller knows that there is nothing to find in the “Russian matter.” If the Trump campaign had provided a desk and phone in the campaign office for Vladimir Putin himself it would have been impolitic, but not a crime.

This investigation should be ended immediately since “colluding” with Russia – or anyone – to further a campaign is not illegal. If it is not ended it will be a two-year witch-hunt to “get a scalp.” Several young idealists who came to serve their country by serving our president will go home financially destitute from legal fees.

One or more of them may misspeak.  They may be taken before a grand jury and indicted. They may be tried and found guilty. They may go to jail. The media will celebrate democracy.

And I will cry for my country.

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