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Man Saves Whale, Gets Killed By It

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Here’s a story about animals in Canada that I can’t make any jokes about. It’s just sad.

BBC News:

A Canadian man has been killed during a rescue operation after he cut an endangered whale free from tangled fishing lines.

Joe Howlett succeeded in rescuing the whale, only to be struck by it moments later as it flipped into the water…

Friends told the Canadian Press he had saved some two dozen whales over 15 years.

Damn. Sounds like it was an accident, but… damn. What a way to go.

In response to Howlett’s death, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is suspending whale rescues, stating: “Members of the general public should never attempt to rescue a stranded or entangled marine animal.” Good advice.

Joe Howlett, R.I.P. He was a good man, doing what he thought was right.

(I’m not going to stop eating tuna and other delicious seafood, though. Sorry not sorry.)