Rep. Jordan: Susan Rice Testimony Is An Opportunity To Get The Truth [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan believes Susan Rice’s testimony in front of the House Intel Committee next week will provide Americans with answers on unmasking efforts.

Jordan explained during a Friday morning Fox News interview that while the Russia investigation is “important,” there are other matters that should be getting attention as well, namely Susan Rice’s unmasking efforts and James Comey’s confidential memos.

“Let’s remember the American people want to get the truth on all these issues…on what Susan Rice may or may not have done,” he said. “We know what James Comey did because he testified to it, and we know he he leaked a memo through a friend to the New York Times with the stated objective of getting momentum to get a special counsel.”

“So I think all this needs to be looked at so the American public can get the truth,” Jordan concluded.


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