Michelle Malkin Wants Maxine Waters To Run For President

Jim Treacher | Blogger

It’s an idea whose time has come. I want to be a white ally!

Last week, the Daily Caller’s Kerry Picket asked Maxine Waters if she has any plans to run for president. Waters denied it, but added: “If the millennials want me to do it, I’d do it.” Yep, millennials love Auntie Maxine, which is just one of the many reasons everyone wants to send them to Gitmo.

But now Waters is getting some support from an unlikely quarter. Chris Enloe, The Blaze:

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin announced Friday that she is heading up a new committee: “Conservatives for Maxine Waters for President.” But not for the reason you may think…

“As chairman of Conservative for Maxine Waters for president, I pledge to do my best to spotlight Mad Max’s long record of coddling gang members and using her office to enrich herself and her family,” Malkin said…

“There you have it in a nutshell, liberalism in living color,” Malkin said. “Corruption, cronyism and cashing in for friends and family while your constituents and taxpayers get screwed.”

Malkin mentions that old pic of Al Franken in a diaper, which is an obvious fake. But otherwise I’m on board. Waters has gotten plenty of attention by hollering about Trump, so why not put the corrupt old bat up against him directly? Clearly, the word “unelectable” has lost all meaning. If he can do it, why can’t she? If this is the world we live in now, why keep fighting it?


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