Bernie Sanders: GOP Is ‘Right Wing Extremist Party’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ rhetoric continued its downward spiral when he referred to Republicans as a “right wing extremist party” on Tuesday.

Sanders trashed the GOP for its proposed health care bill in the Senate during an interview with MSNBC. He accused them of throwing millions of people of health care so that they can appease billionaires and the Koch brothers.

“That the billionaire class may end up winning this, yeah that doesn’t shock me, that’s where the Republican Party is today,” Sanders said. “The party has become a right-wing extremist party following the Koch brothers’ ideology.”

“Let me tell you this: if they succeed in this process of making massive cuts to Medicaid, Medicare will be right behind, then will come Social Security and the Veteran’s Administration,” he asserted.


In early July, Sanders compared the health bill to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, stating that the bill would kill “nine times more [people] than the tragic losses we suffered on 9/11, every single year.” (VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Compares GOP Health Care Bill To Terrorist Attack)

Sanders has continued to hammer the allegation that the GOP health care bill will “kill thousands” and even accused Trump of wanting “millions to suffer,” but has denied that his rhetoric could be seen as overly inflammatory or a call to violence.

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