Dispute Between Pilot, Flight Attendant Causes Over Two-Hour Delay


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A flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Portland, Maine, was delayed more than two hours after a dispute between the pilot and a flight attendant.

The plane left the gate two hours behind schedule and then “spent another hour taxiing before takeoff,” according to, due to a verbal conflict between two staff members.

After the 56-year-old pilot directed inconsiderate language at the 26-year-old flight attendant, they each claimed that “the other had aggressively grabbed the other’s arm.”

Port Authority police officers arrived at the scene to assess the situation. They made no arrests and determined that no injuries were sustained. Both parties, however, were removed from the airplane.

According to the Associated Press, the plane was under the control of a Delta subsidiary, Endeavor Air, and a spokesman issued an apology to those impacted by the delay.

“The actions of these crew members, as described, in no way reflects the respect, values and professionalism we expect from our employees,” the spokesman said, according to New York Daily News.