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Quote of the Day:

“I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock.”

Anthony Scaramucci to The Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza for a piece published Thursday.











Scaramucci in The New Yorker: THE FALLOUT 

If you haven’t read Ryan Lizza‘s story there’s something wrong with you.

“It leaks, it leaks, it leaks. I’ve never seen anything like it.” — MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews on his Thursday show.

“We enjoyed the article, it went viral, today was a great day for America. Thank you @Scaramucci.” — conservative “new right” media personality Mike Cernovich.

“Casual reminder that it hasn’t even been a week since Sean Spicer resigned & Anthony Scaramucci announced he was joining the WH. Six days.” — Monica Alba, NBC News White House team.

“What if Scaramucci had all these public outbursts as a public-facing private sector employee, or as a woman, or as a person of color?” — Sam Sanders, NPR.

“Wow, NYT prints full Scaramucci quotes, vulgarity and all.” — Nick Corasaniti, NYT reporter.

“Ryan Lizza just confirmed that he recorded his conversation with @Scaramucci.” — Yashar Ali, New York Mag, HuffPost, Mother Jones.  “…I love how Wolf Blitzer is making Ryan Lizza read Scaramucci’s quotes on air.”

“Sure it’s foul, but @Scaramucci has effectively proved that he fears no one except Trump.” — Charlie Spiering, White House correspondent, Breitbart News.

“My own encounter w @Scaramucci gave me the sense he was used to reporters sort of cutting him a break and not printing certain things.” — Ben Smith, BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief.

“Source close to Bannon and Scaramucci, to me: ‘It’s not a problem for [Mooch] because the president doesn’t give a shit.'” — Rosie Gray, The Atlantic.

“BREAKING: Anthony Scaramucci announces White House will measure all penises this week to determine who’s in charge.” — Top Conservative Cat.

“The various ‘Scaramucci is smooth’ takes did not age well.” — Matthew Yglesias, Executive Editor, Vox.

AND THEN IT GOT WORSE: Scaramucci has a terrible (and funny) nickname for Reince Priebus 

“Two sources who have known Scaramucci for years say that he has privately called Priebus ‘Reince Penis’.” — The Daily Beast. Read the story here.

Journos back Lizza running the contents of the phone call 

NYT’s Adam Nagourney: Ryan Lizza, a pro, did what any reporter SHOULD do. You are WH comm director. If you want to go off record, request it. Nothing new here.

ABC News’s Ali Rogin: The only way this would have been a “betrayal of trust” is if he had broken the terms of the conversation. He didn’t.

Scaramucci cockblocks CNN Andrew Kaczynski’s Twitter feed

“My Twitter is currently half-healthcare, half-Scaramucci cock quotes.” — CNN’s KFILE proprietor Andrew Kaczynski. Also this: “I’m not offended by the word cock [That’s great, Kaczynski] but also thing [sic] WH officials shouldn’t be saying it in recorded messages.”

CNN media reporter runs into  Foxy Knoxy at the Hollywood W Hotel 

“Amanda Knox is at my hotel and just slammed fake news. She said before it was popular term she was victim of it.” — Oliver Darcy. (There’s a legal conference going on at the hotel.)


“Anthony Scaramucci in eye-watering, foul-mouthed rant at Steve Bannon.” — The Telegraph

“Anthony Scaramucci in furious, foul-mouthed attack on White House rivals.” — The Guardian.

“Anthony Scaramucci goes on shocking rant, threatens to ‘kill’ White House leakers.” — BuzzFeed.

“‘I know two fish that don’t stink’: How Anthony Scaramucci is bringing mob talk to the White House.” — The Root.

“The Fratricidal Fight Inside The White House.” — The Atlantic.

“Damn it, Scaramucci, don’t make us think about Bannon sucking his own dick.” — A.V. Club.

“Anthony Scaramucci Says ‘Cock’ Three Times In Unhinged New Yorker Interview” — Jezebel.

On swearing like Scaramucci…

“I have a Latina mom. She would have thrown a chancleta (flip-flop) straight at the side of my head.” — Ana Navarro, CNN contributor.

“I’ve had more foul-mouthed convos w/political people. I believe other reporters have, too. Surprised some are catching the vapors over Mooch.” — Marc Caputo, Politico Florida Playbook.

The GOP’s midnight health care bill…

“I honestly don’t know how to convey how crazy this process or legislation is. There is no analogue to it in modern politics.” — Vox EIC Ezra Klein.

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom sasses Sen. Sasse 

Nebraska GOP Sen. Ben Sasse: Text from my 16-year-old daughter… “I miss you. And Vote-a-Rama sounds like the lamest party ever!”

Gavin Newsom: Thoughts and prayers to the GOP Senators having to endure the boredom of taking away healthcare from millions of Americans.

Convo Between Two Journos

WaPo‘s Robert Costa: Re Scaramucci. Pres. Trump has history of keeping around aides w/ a sharp edge, who channel him, Stone, Nunberg, Cohen, Corey.

The Atlantic‘s McKay Coppins: True–and they all end up bludgeoning each other to death.

On Trump badmouthing AG Jeff Sessions…

“It’s been a bit painful for me…it’s been hard to watch the President’s tweets about this.” Matt Schlapp during an appearance on MSNBC Thursday afternoon. Schlapp is chairman of the American Conservative Union.

Joan Walsh being all Joan Walsh 

“Wow, the head of a violent gang is taking the podium at the White House. The head of ICE. Ask good questions please, WH press corps.” — Joan Walsh, The Nation.

Benny Johnson’s guide to integrity and media 

“How To Show Integrity in Media: 1. Cover Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT Director fleeing to Pakistan with a briefcase full of money while leaving a home full of smashed, stolen congressional servers with the same ferocity as you cover Trump’s Russia investigation. 2. See #1 3. See #1 4. See #1 5. See #1” — IJR Creative Director Benny Johnson.

Politico reporter has time management advice for WH Press Sec. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“Ya know what could help WH from being ‘short on time’ with a press briefing? Starting it earlier before prez events… no?” — Politico media writer Hadas Gold.

FNC’s Sean Hannity calls Fake News on GQ report


Bill Kristol has advice for Reince Priebus

“Serious plea to @Reince45 : You’re a decent person. Walk away from these vipers. Quit while you can do so with some dignity intact.” — The Weekly Standard‘s Editor-at-Large Bill Kristol.

WHAT? Bernie Sanders and Larry David are cousins 

“It was also revealed during the panel that David and Sanders are related. Sanders learned of the connection when filming an upcoming episode of PBS’ “Finding Your Roots,” in which celebrities learn about the unknown branches of their family trees.”

“’I was very happy about that,” David said. “I thought there must have been some connection.'”

“David did not say exactly how the two are related, specifying only that Sanders is ‘a third cousin or something.'”

Variety. See the full story about how Larry David became Bernie Sanders for SNL.

The Observer

“Lesson from the last two years: Nothing will end the Trump presidency. There is no final straw. There is just the void.” — Seth Mandel, op-ed editor, New York Post.

The Peanut Gallery for Washington’s White House press 

“Media hiding today’s White House press conf bc reporters looked so stoopid. WATCH HERE, starts at 1:28.” — Conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

Do Gizzi’s glasses ever go over his eyes? 

John Gizzi is the White House reporter for Newsmax.