Time Apparently Thinks Being Rich Is Toxic Masculinity – Which Is Insane

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Time recently ran a insane piece about President Trump and how he must be stopped from spreading toxic masculinity.

The piece is titled, “How to Keep Donald Trump from Spreading His Toxic Masculinity to Future Generations,” and is written by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, who is the wife of California Lt. Governor and gun control fanboy Gavin Newsom.

She wrote in part:

Sure, it’s normal as a teenager to think mostly about yourself. But that is why these boys need a role model to ask them to think beyond themselves. These boys need a role model to tell them it’s not all just about them, that they’re required to think about the greater good, that perhaps they must sacrifice their own ease to make way for someone who has had it harder. They need a role model to point out all the ways they have been lucky, and that it’s their duty given their privilege to work hard to make the world a fairer, more equitable place. They need a role model to tell them that being a good man means being kind and compassionate, empathic and caring, giving and loving.

Instead, they have a man who tells them success is determined by the size of your yacht and the length of your vacation in the South of France, deriding “some of these guys that never made 10 cents.” Instead, they have a man who uses a public stage to threaten his colleagues that they better do his bidding or he’ll say “you’re fired.” Instead, they have Trump.

Well, we finally did it America. We finally crossed the line into complete insanity. Guess what Jenn, money is a pretty solid indication of success. Is it the only indicator? Of course not. Having a wonderful family, making a difference in the lives of people and many other things can all be great measurements of success.

However, I’ve never once known a guy who owned a bunch of land and wasn’t a success, at least in respect to his finances. See, this is becoming a major problem in America. We’re being told that if you do fun things you’re part of this “toxic masculinity.”

Here’s a quick reality check for everybody: men like fast cars, big trucks, boats, beer, gambling, sports, hot women, guns, cabins, hunting, fishing, big houses and owning lots of land. If liking those things makes me part of “toxic masculinity” then I couldn’t be prouder to be spreading toxic masculinity. I’d love to shower people with toxic masculinity if that’s the case.

There used to be a time in America where we celebrated success, and we were told if we worked hard and were smart enough that we could have our own countryside estate. Imagine how miserable this country would be if we told people to look at losers with nothing to show for anything and told children to emulate them?

If you think the things I listed earlier are part of toxic masculinity then I want absolutely nothing to do with you. In fact, it’d be nice if you just left the country because people who hate everything awesome about America probably shouldn’t be voting in our elections.

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