This Video Is The Exact Reason Why I Hate Lingerie Football

Legend Football League (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Legends Football League)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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We have more proof that women playing football in lingerie is a complete joke.

The Legends Football League, formerly the Lingerie Football League, isn’t a funny joke. It’s a sad joke that I almost feel bad about when I mock it. Here’s some proof that nobody should celebrate or take this league seriously.

The LFL proudly posted a video to its YouTube page titled, “ITS NOT THE SIZE OF THE DOG IN THE FIGHT.”

Immediately I knew this was going to be a misleading title, but I foolishly wasted my time clicking anyways. The caption read, “Denver Dream’s 5’2 100 pound Cornerback Tiera Brown proves the Mark Twain saying, as Brown lays out the 5’10 170 pound Chicago Bliss Quarterback, Jayne Caldwell.”

More false advertising from our friends running that joke of a league. The video is downright disgraceful and a pathetic excuse for football.


There are so many things wrong with the play on the field. First, that snap was horrible. It wasn’t even over her head. The center snapped the ball two yards clean to the right of the quarterback, and then proceeded to stand there and watch the quarterback scramble. Do blocking responsibilities disappear after your garbage snap?

Secondly, that hit was far from impressive. It says a lot more about the quarterback than it does the defender. The quarterback is running straight up, doesn’t lower her shoulder a single bit and leaves her whole body exposed. I’ve seen Peyton Manning run with more grace and skill.

Can we just end this league once and for all? I understand people are desperate for football. I’m right there with you suffering. However, we can’t accept this or tolerate women in lingerie playing football as a real thing. End the false advertising, end the league and lets focus on watching some real football.

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