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Ossoff To Speak At Netroots About Winning Elections

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Are you guys fired up for Netroots Nation this weekend? You know, Netroots? The annual lefty political conference that used to be known as YearlyKos, before they rebranded it because nobody really likes Markos Moulitsas? Yeah, that one. It’s being held in Atlanta this year, and they’re bringing in a local boy to help out.

If you can’t read that, here’s the description:


Democrats have suffered severe losses in recent midterm elections. Because of redistricting, the 2010 elections devastated the party so badly that we have not yet been able to recover. And 2014 wasn’t much better. But the party in control of the White House usually loses ground in the midterms—and because of Trump, progressives are more mobilized than they have been in a decade… For 2018, where, and how, should progressive activists focus their energy for maximum impact? Our panel— comprised of a handicapper, a staffer, an activist, and a candidate—will approach these questions from each angle.

“Leaving It All on the Field.” Y’know, like George Custer.

Ossoff is the only one on the panel I’ve heard of, and I’ve only heard of him because for months he was raised up to be the Great Democrat Hope. They threw $30 million at him, they pulled in celebrity endorsements, they came up with clever ads to appeal to his fellow millennials:

And he lost. Which is why he now has the free time to hang out at Netroots and pretend he knows what happened.

I hope somebody records this panel. I want to know what advice Ossoff has to offer on winning an election, other than: “Don’t be me.”

(Hat tip: Twitchy)