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If You Want An Abortion In Texas, You Have To Pay For It Yourself

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Or, as abortion enthusiasts prefer to phrase it, you’re being “denied access.” Y’know, like expecting people to go to CVS to buy their own birth control is “denying access.” Expecting people to deal with the consequences of their own choices is “denying access.”

From the office of TX Gov. Abbott:

Governor Greg Abbott today signed House Bill 214 (HB 214) which limits insurance coverage for abortion procedures. Under this new law Texans will not be forced to pay for elective abortions through their insurance plans…

“As a firm believer in Texas values I am proud to sign legislation that ensures no Texan is ever required to pay for a procedure that ends the life of an unborn child,” said Governor Abbott.

So if you’re one of those Nazis who doesn’t think it’s right to kill babies, you won’t be forced to foot the bill for other people who want to kill their babies.

But you do you, Iceland.

(Hat tip: Life Site News)

Jim Treacher