Obama-Era Official: Trump ‘In Support Of White Nationalists’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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An Obama-era White House official claimed Wednesday that President Donald Trump is “in bed with and in support of white nationalists.”

Nayyera Haq, who held several senior-level roles in the Obama WH, said on MSNBC that Trump’s comments about violence in Charlottesville prove that he supports white nationalists.

Trump said Tuesday evening that “both sides” bear some responsibility for violence at the Charlottesville protests and asserted that there were also “fine people” on both sides.

“President Trump showed us who he is yesterday,” Haq said. “Anyone who is in doubt, he is in bed with, in support of white nationalists. By not disavowing them you are supporting them.”

“The challenge is for people like Elaine Chao, like Gary Cohn, even for Pete [sic] Sessions came out very strongly against the attacks,” she said, naming members of the Trump administration. “How are they going to be standing by Donald Trump?”


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