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Trump Removes WH Bikeshare Station That Obama Put In

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I have neither the inclination to defend President Trump nor the energy to condemn him. Apparently, I’m expected either to demand his resignation yesterday or to declare him President-For-Life. Either one is fine. Whatever. I’m outraged out. This is what you wanted, America, and this is what you got.

But never let it be said that I won’t give Trump credit when he gets something right, no matter how small. Benjamin Freed, Washingtonian:

As Capital Bikeshare grew bigger and more widespread over the past seven years, there was always one station the vast majority of users could never access: a nine-slot dock inside the White House’s security perimeter…

But on Tuesday, Twitter user Gregory Matlesky passed by the White House and noticed the station not there…

The station was removed earlier this week at the Trump Administration’s request, District Department of Transportation spokesperson Terry Owens tells Washingtonian.

Good. Get rid of the rest of them too. Bikeshares are for communists. I can understand not owning a car in DC. It’s expensive and a pain in the ass. But you can’t even get it together enough to own your own bicycle? Shut up, hippie!

Plus: germs.

Presumably this is all part of Trump’s plan to undo everything Obama did, as revenge for getting roasted AF at that dinner back in 2011. A man’s got to have his priorities straight.

Just imagine Bannon on a bicycle. LOL!

(Hat tip: Elizabeth Harrington)