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The DNC Doesn’t Want To Build A Border Wall, Which Is Why They’re Mad It Hasn’t Happened

REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

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I’m skeptical that there’s ever going to be a border wall. This is because I’m a RINO cuck f****t, I’m told, but nonetheless I find the possibility remote. I’ve never pretended to believe it’s going to happen, and I’ve never tried to scare people into voting one way or another based on the assumption that Trump would make it happen. All of which at least makes me better than the Democrats.

Courtesy of Business Insider‘s Allan Smith:

If you can’t read that:

“Trump has failed to deliver on his signature promise to build a border wall and have Mexico pay for it. Trump even admitted in a private conversation with Mexico that his border wall promise was ‘the least important thing.'”

Mind you, this is intended as a criticism. The Democrats are chastising Trump for this. “He’s not doing that thing we’ve all been screaming at him not to do, and that’s definitely bad news for him!

If I were one of the big brains behind Dem strategy these days, I’d be thanking President Trump for changing his mind. I’d be pretending to be responsible for making him back down. I’d be declaring victory.

Good thing for the Democrats that they’ve alienated me forever!

(Hat tip: Twitchy)