CNN Grills Rep. Montenegro For Being Anti-DACA [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN continued to demonstrate its pro-DACA bias Tuesday, grilling anti-DACA Rep. Steve Montenegro while throwing softballs to their pro-DACA guest.

The interview began with Montenegro, a Republican, arguing that “what President Obama did with DACA was clearly unconstitutional…I think it is a gross neglect or just ignoring the rule of law.”

Host Alisyn Camerota cut off Montenegro, saying, “Look, I hear you, I understand that argument, we’ve heard it a couple of times on this show and it makes perfect sense, honor the rule of law, but my question is, ‘so now what?'”

Montenegro explained that if Congress wants to continue to protect dreamers they should pass legislation, but otherwise the dreamers would probably end up being deported.

Camerota tried to interject several times during Montenegro’s answer, finally getting in, “That’s what I wanted to understand, I just wanted to understand what this is going to look like.”

“If Congress for some reason cannot get its act together in the next six months–and frankly, they don’t have a track record that inspires that much confidence that they’ll be able to do this–you’re comfortable with ICE agents showing up at dreamers’ workplaces and schools and taking them away,” Camerota continued.

However, when the interview finally turned to Rudy Fernandez, the pro-DACA guest, Camerota only asked, “Your thoughts on this?”

The question gave Fernandez an open opportunity to pitch his pro-DACA talking points and call ending the program “inhumane.”


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