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I’m a big standing desk guy. My best ever office arrangement was at an old gig when I had a desk that would move up and down at the push of a button, so you could stand or sit throughout the day. It’s already been shown that standing desks improve your posture and relieve stress on your back, but I think it is clear that it is good to have the option to sit down when you need to.

As far as up-and-down standing desks go, it seems like this is the one to get.  It is the #1 bestseller not just out of standing desks but out of all office desks. And, today only, it is $260 off.

Normally $500, this standing desk is 52 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $500, this standing desk is 52 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

[Limited Edition] Eureka Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter, Sit-to-Stand Workstation, 36-Inch Wide, SGS Top Rated, Black on sale for $239.20

As is to be expected of a #1 bestseller, this standing desk has nothing but positive reviews. The comments are all along the lines of this, from Casey, titled “It is definitely worth every penny I spent!”:

I work at my desk all day long, and have suffered from lower back pain and arthritis in my hands for years. A friend recommended replacing my entire desk with one that is motorized so I can stand up while working. That did not appeal to me because I like my office furniture and I LIKE MY DESK. I searched for other options and came across these adjustable desktops. The idea made perfect sense, so it was just a matter of finding the right one.

I determined that the Eureka standing desk would likely be the best. My husband preferred gas strut over spring lift technology and he believed this design overall was the most robust. I felt that the Eureka standing desk was the most attractive option and after all, I have to look at it every day. So we ordered one.

It arrived quickly. The box was larger and heavier than expected. I felt bad as my husband carried it upstairs but he didn’t mind because he thought it was a good sign. It was packaged well and required no assembly. Once positioned on my desk, it blended well, was attractive and proved mechanically sound. I loved it right away.

There are lift adjustment handle on both left and right sides and with minimal pressure, they were very responsive and stopped wherever I released, so the height options are limitless. I was afraid that manipulating this device up and down might be difficult for my hands, back or both but this was not the case. I tried it first with one and then added the second display and it was smooth, stable and effortless both times. Perhaps it is the two tier design but there seems to be more space on my desk since adding the Eureka standing desk. I can’t explain why but it is a plus either way.

The only downside to this design is that it is not mobile enough to easily move around the house. It weighs 35 pounds! On the other hand, I can place my morning coffee on it, use the keyboard/mouse and move it up and down without a ripple.

I LOVE this product. I can quickly and easily transition from seat to feet. It is definitely worth every penny I spent!

As Casey says, this standing desk is worth every penny of the $500 it normally costs. This one-day-only deal offers it at under half that price. If I were you, I’d take advantage of this while you still can.

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