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Ay! We’re Pillow Talkin’ Over Here — Mooch, Guilfoyle Sleepovers Alleged

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For two people who are desperately trying to hide from cameras, The Mooch and his gal pal Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle can’t stay away from each other.

On Sunday, #Scarfoyle was spotted at a fancy soirée in Rome. Dress code: Angelic white.

On Tuesday, they were caught canoodling in Manhattan’s Jane Ballroom, refusing to take pictures with each other.

But there’s more.

The couple — who insists that they’re absolutely not a couple — have been rendezvousing at Guilfoyle’s pad in the chi chi Beresford co-op. Scaramucci has supposedly been looking for a new abode in the neighborhood since his wife, Deirdre Ball, kicked him to the curb after their child was born. Ball says the boy is absolutely Scaramucci’s spawn.

But The Mooch isn’t so sure.

He wants a paternity test, according to NYP‘s Page Six.

But let’s put all that marital ugliness on the back burner for a moment and get back to more delicious details about #Scarfoyle sleepovers.

A well-placed source who lives in the building has spotted the couple at all hours of the day and night. The Mooch’s car — his Bentley — has even been spotted outside the building. It’s parked by a bunch of bags of garbage (we’re not reading anything into that).

It’s absolutely Mooch’s car. The Mirror compared the license plate to the car that appeared in The Daily Mail back in July. And well, license plates don’t lie.

“Since they spent the entire week in Rome together, Guilfoyle was sitting next to him during all of his Periscoping this past weekend,” a spy told The Mirror. “You should inquire why he is seen leaving her building in the early mornings and coming in late at night for the last several months. His driver picks him up and drops him off in a big SUV. A truck takes her to Southampton on the weekend. Sometimes he comes over in his Bentley midsize SUV.”

Neither Scaramucci nor Guilfoyle returned a request for comment.

Back in July, Scaramucci told The Mirror that the duo were just friends. He rebutted any claims that he has the hots for Guilfoyle, saying, “Not true. We are good friends.”

From the sounds of it, Guilfoyle may not be totally into it.

“He spent the night at her place the night before they left for Rome on Monday night Sept. 5th. I was out late after 11pm and they were walking on W. 82nd together,” the spy continued. “I was walking behind them. He tried to put his arm around her and she pulled away, and then they went in her door. She didn’t seem happy, and it looked like she hesitated to let him in. The body language was weird. His Bentley was still there the next morning.”

“He stayed over the night after the day they got back from Rome on the 11th and left with his driver in shorts and then I guess went the US Weekly party.”

“I see him quite often. I live in the building. Also, the night of the Colbert show taping he snuck out her door in the suit he wore for the show the next morning.”

“A few days later the big SUV picked him up in a suit, and then later in the afternoon, he walked out the front door with shorts on and his luggage.”

The spy doesn’t care for The Mooch but says most everyone in the building loves Guilfoyle.

“He’s got balls wanting a paternity test when he’s been so busy with someone else,” the spy said. “I guess they could be friends, and he could be sleeping on the sofa, but again, the doormen know who he’s there to see.”

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