Georgia Tech Students Riot Over Campus Police Shooting [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Georgia Tech students rioted on campus Monday after police fatally shot a student who was carrying a small knife over the weekend.

A video of the incident shows the student, Scout Schultz, 21, walking toward officers carrying the knife and shouting, “shoot me!” Police ultimately shot Schultz once when the student refused to heed police orders, resulting in the student’s death.

Now, Georgia Tech students are being told to shelter in place as the campus is rocked by violent riots meant to protest Schultz’s death.

Videos from the scene reveal that the campus has descended into absolute chaos, with some rioters torching a police car and others swarming and attacking police officers.

Footage exclusive to The Daily Caller shows a police car that has been burnt to a crisp, presumably the same car that was set ablaze earlier in the night.


Other exclusive video shows police apprehending one rioter while popping noises can be heard in the background, though it is unclear what is making the sound.


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