Third Trump Critic Gets Rewarded With State Dept Job

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Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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The State Department’s director of policy planning, Brian Hook, who disparaged Trump’s stances during the campaign, is bringing on a fellow Trump critic to work at State, The Daily Caller has learned.

David Feith, a former Wall Street Journal editorial page writer, is joining the State Department’s office of policy planning to advise Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Asia policy, a department official told TheDC Wednesday. Like Hook, who founded a foreign policy group that organized an anti-Trump letter in the campaign, Feith was not a fan of Trump during the election. (RELATED: Read More About Hook Here)

“This person wants to be president,” Feith tweeted with a link to an interview transcript of Trump and the Washington Post editorial board where Trump rambled during a conversation about using nuclear weapons. The former Wall Street Journal writer and son of Iraq War-backer Doug Feith also commented on a viral photo of Trump peeking at his wife Melania voting, and wrote, “Well she’s an immigrant.”

The former Wall Street Journal writer has been living in Hong Kong and writes mainly about Asian policy. “The new president rails against ‘globalism’ and promises a vague, unsentimental and transactional policy of ‘America First,'” Feith wrote in an article hoping the U.S. and Japan will have a good relationship.

Feith is now at least the third State Department employee hired in 2017 to have a history of attacking Trump. Besides Hook and Feith, there is spokesman R.C. Hammond, who asked Twitter followers in February 2016 if Trump as a GOP nominee means: “revolution,” “Armageddon,” or “headed for Canada.”

A Politico report in June cited several officials saying that Hook has an immense amount of power over American foreign policy. Hook, who runs the State Department’s internal think tank, told Politico in May 2016, “Even if you say you support him as the nominee, you go down the list of [Trump’s] positions and you see you disagree on every one.”