Michael Savage GOES OFF: ‘Multi Millionaire Goons Can Spit On The Flag And Get Away With It’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Conservative radio host Michael Savage addressed the recent controversy over the national anthem in the NFL, calling football players “millionaire thugs” who have “spit on the flag.”

“All that we honor and respect in this country are now thrown out, to accept the ridiculous” Savage claimed.

He added, “Millionaire thugs can go on national TV, spit on the national anthem, hate the nation, and still get paid millions of dollars a year. Remember this–when they do what they did yesterday, they’re not disrespecting President Trump they’re disrespecting an entire nation, they’re spitting on you and I.”

“A group of multi millionaire goons can spit on the flag and get away with it. And you the moron still watch the games and still buy their jerseys and go to the sports fields. It’s you who have the power,” Savage added. (RELATED: Rush Limbaugh: I Decided Not To Watch Football On Sunday For The First Time In 45 Years)

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