Waters Whines About Trump’s Response To NFL Anthem Protests

Liam Clancy Reporter
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California Rep. Maxine Waters went on a rant against President Trump and his response to the NFL National Anthem protests on “AM Joy” Sunday.

“I really believe [Trump] is the most deplorable person that I have ever met, seen, or witnessed,” Waters began the screed.


“They frighten people, they play into racism,” Waters added, referencing Trump’s administration.

“He is about division. He is about signalling to a core group of his, that this country that he wants to make great again is all about making it white,” she continued.

Waters then weighed in on the NFL National Anthem controversy, claiming the issue is about race.

“He points now to the NFL, we know that the majority of these players are African Americans, and we know what he is doing,” Waters said.

Waters went further, claiming Trump does not do enough to condemn “Putin” and the “KKK,” but that “Here he is strongly criticizing football players.”

Waters closed the rant with her trademark, calling for Trump’s impeachment. (RELATED: Trump Wins When The NFL Takes A Knee)