Latest ‘South Park’ Episode Hammers Victim Culture In America

South Park (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube South Park Studios)

Bill Rizzo Contributor
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Randy is trying to get rid of Columbus Day in the newest episode of South Park.

The episode, titled “Holiday Special,” satirizes our society’s fixation with victim culture.

Every October, more and more people call for Columbus Day to be dropped from the calendar. It is just another example of how they want to change history because it “hurts their feelings.”

This episode accurately mocks the hysteria of changing holidays.

The kids at “South Park” get angry with Randy for leading the fight to take away their day off of school so they decide to take action. However, Randy quickly has a problem on his hands when his love of Christopher Columbus is revealed.

Then Randy comes across a commercial for a new service called DNA and Me.

The hilarious commercial shows white people taking DNA tests to check if they have any oppressed ancestors. These are very much a real thing people pay for everyday.

The commercial is “South Park’s” biggest attack on PC culture so far this season. The left continues to obsess over victimhood through LGBTQ, feminism, Black Lives Matter movement and every other group they come up with. It is refreshing to see that tendency exposed as a joke.

The test reveals Randy is 2.8 percent Neanderthal, a people who were victims of colonization. He now has the evidence of oppression he’s has so desperately wanted. This is an obvious attack on how the oppression rankings in modern society resemble an NFL power rankings, with everybody racing toward the bottom.

Randy brags about being oppressed to everyone in the room. His reaction mimics people on Twitter who obsess with victimhood and despise white privilege. Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren took part in this fad when she lied about being part Native American when she applied to Harvard University.

In the end, Randy gives a speech to the town declaring the second Monday in October Indigenous People’s Day. This speech set up similarly to Los Angeles County’s proposal for Indigenous People’s Day this month, in which they made a big spectacle of the event.

This episode was hands down the best of season 21 so far. It attacked America’s obsession with victim culture in a way that anyone could laugh at. If you didn’t find this episode, it’s probably because you’re too busy taking a DNA and Me test to find out how you’re being oppressed today.