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Pulling Off This Trick Is Like A Chicken Bobbing Its Head

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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So, you want to pull off a head push trick. Here’s how.

First take a draw off your vape and blow an O. The trickster says he lets out a little vapor first, and then blows his O. You can blow an O using a mouth hit or a lung hit. It all depends how large you want the O to be and also how you want it to travel through the air.

When discussing how to complete a head push, the trickster compares it to how a chicken bobs its head back and forth. You will want to use the top of your face, or your forehead for the head push. As the O is blown, you come up from behind the O, and almost simultaneously push it from behind. Your head is not actually touching the vapor, but the pressure from behind it makes it move swiftly in mid air.

There are various methods of doing a head push. It is all in the motion of how your head is jolted at the O, that specifies where the O will travel through the air. When you are able to do a head push, it will set you up to complete more tricks off of it. Since your face is already directly behind the O, it makes it easier to double down off of the head push to do more advanced tricks.

WATCH The Head Push Trick: